Praying For Keeps “Prayer Conditioning” Blog #3

Pastor Ed Young

Early one Sunday morning as Lisa was preparing for church, our daughter LeeBeth was watching Sesame Street. Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and Oscar the grouch were talking about brothers and sisters. Only three at the time, she walked into the bathroom and said, “Mommy, I want a brother or a sister”. Lisa smiled and said, “Daddy and I would like you to have a brother or sister too, in fact we are praying for one. Why don’t you pray for one also?” And LeeBeth said, “Okay, Mommy”. So she toddled into her room. Lisa peered around the corner and watched her go to her little Fischer Price kitchenette and pick up the plastic phone. She said, “Hi God, this is LeeBeth. I want a baby brother or sister.

Parent Map: “The Adoption Option” Blog

Pastor Ed Young

In ancient times, babies were not adopted. And only the heavy hitters, the Bill Gates’ of the day, adopted children old enough to exhibit true character. Once a child of integrity was chosen, only then were they able to carry the family name and become recipients of the master’s resources and wealth. The same is not true in the Christian life. On our own, nothing we can do will make us worthy of carrying God’s name. Why did the Holy Spirit choose the concept of adoption? In biblical times, a family could disown a biological child, but they could not disown an adopted one.

Juicy Fruit “Patience” Blog

Pastor Ed Young

Finally, the Holy Spirit wants us to remain faithful, so we can learn how to laugh. If we do not laugh regularly, then we need to check our spiritual pulse. Many of us desperately need some outrageous, contagious joy-induced laughter. Many of us don’t laugh because we take ourselves too seriously. We are so introspective and withdrawn thinking about every move and every word. Another reason for our lack of laughter is that we do not take God seriously enough. God is a God of laughter! Psalm 2:4 says, “The One enthroned laughs”. We serve a God of joy and good cheer. Only in the last twenty years have scientists discovered that laughter relaxes the entire muscular system and produces endorphins. The Bible has been saying this for thousands of years! Are you laughing?
What will happen the next time your patience is tested? You will be tested waiting in lines, parking lots, as you eat brunch, as you channel surf from game to game, in relationships, and in every realm possible. What will you do? Are you going to silence the Holy Spirit? Or, will you acquiesce and learn a new look, a new lean, and a new laugh?

That Thing We Do “The Finest Hour” Blog #2 Participation

Pastor Ed Young

#1 Sing it out: The Bible says we are ‘to sing unto the Lord a new song’ seventeen times. If you study church history, new songs followed every great spiritual awakening. I laugh every time I hear people say, “I don’t like all this new music. I wish we’d go back to singing old-school traditional hymns.” I instantly reply, “Well, that’s great! How far back would you like to go? Do you want to go back to the Jewish melodies of the early church or maybe the Gregorian chants?” Did you know some of the greatest hymns were simply bar songs replaced with Christian lyrics? Similarly, we take popular beats heard at nightclubs and do the same. Why? They are relatable to those far from God or new to church. Worship is a response to the object of worship—God! Many lift their hands while singing. Maybe it makes you uncomfortable. What is a toddler’s natural response when they see their mom or dad? They reach up wanting to be held. When we lift our hands in worship we are saying, “God, I surrender my life to You. You are God, I am not”. Others put their hand over their heart. Maybe you stand like a statue—and that is fine—but sing to the Lord! I don’t care if you are tone deaf—praise His name!


Pastor Ed Young

The Workmanship of God

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship”–or you could say masterpiece—“created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  We are God’s No. 1 pick.  I hope you heard that phrase “to do,” “to do.”  The Christian life, ministry, is about A-C-T (clap, clap, clap) I-O-N (clap, clap, clap), ACTION, ACTION, God wants ACTION.  What kind of action or you giving God?  I’ve been drafted.  Whether you are outside the family of God or inside the family of God, you have been drafted.

Another reason why I should involve myself in-service–and this is for Christ followers only–is because I’ve been signed.  I’ve already signed on the dotted line.  Here’s what God did.  Our loving God saw a sin that separated us from his love, his plan, and his agenda.  God, being the owner, is not like Jerry Jones.  Jerry Jones is limited, financially, mentally, compared to God.

Link Within The Body of Christ by Pastor Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young

First, I should get involved in ministry because I’ve been drafted.  I’ve been drafted.  Just think about it.  You are God’s man.  You are God’s woman.  He’s watched you.  He’s had his eye on you.  You’re one-of-a-kind.  You’re unique.  You are looking at the greatest Ed Young that there’ll ever be in the universe.  Just go ahead and check me out now.

Do you know why?  I am the only one.  When I get to heaven, God’s not going to say, “Hey, Ed, why weren’t you more like Owen Goff?  Why weren’t you more like Randall Cunningham?  Why what you more like…” He’s going to say, “Ed, why weren’t you more like you?”  He’ll say the same thing to you.  So, you be you.  If you aren’t you, there’s going to be a hole in history, a gap in creativity, a missing link within the body of Christ.

The God’s Field by Pastor Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young

When you checked in, you were served by our hospitality ministry.  And when you entered in, you were seated by our ushers ministry.  Everything is a ministry here.  We have a hunk of us involved in using our skill set on the field of faith. Some of you are saying, “Well, Ed, I am smelling you, man.  I am following you.  I understand that membership means ministry, that I’m to use my God-given skill set on the field of faith.  That’s great.  That’s cool.  But why?” you ask.  “Why should I do this?

Why should I involve myself in that entity which is the greatest entity in the universe, the local church?  Why should I play on God’s field in this context?”  Well, normally I shy away from giving you long lists.  But, today, I’m going to list several things for you, several reasons why all of us should involve ourselves in ministry, why all of us should do the Owen Goff thing, put the uniform on and play.

To Play College Athletics by Pastor Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young

When Lisa and I were 19 years old, I didn’t realize it then, God was planning the vision and the style of Fellowship Church in our lives.  What could have happened in Scott’s life if Fellowship Church had been in Tallahassee, Florida? I don’t know.  I think his life would be different than it is today.  Why do I live?  Because God made me to live.


Why do I live?  Because God has used a kaleidoscopic range of environments and influences in people to give me the impact that I’m having now in my life.  From Florida State, I went back to Houston between my sophomore and junior years and I began to speak to a lot of students and do a lot of camps. And God began to tug at my heart.  I felt this leading, this pull, this calling, if you will, to go into the ministry.

And I was like, “Okay, wait a minute. I’ve worked my entire life, since I was 8 years old, to play college athletics. And here I am.” I knew I was not going to be a star player, especially at Florida State, but I had a full ride. I asked God, “You mean I should give this stuff up?” And I was beginning to feel that leading.  I just felt a disconnect, even from basketball, which was my identity.

I remember walking into my father’s bedroom one night and I said, “Dad, I think I’m feeling led to go into the ministry.”

And here’s what my father told me. He said, “Son, if you can do anything else and be happy, do that. Don’t go into the ministry unless it’s the only thing you know for sure that God wants you to do.”

Women Love Weddings by Pastor Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young

“Rock a bye believer in the tree top, snoozing will cause your growth to stop.  Ignore the alarm; stay in bed.  You’ll never reach your potential you sleepy head.” He tells us to just stay asleep.  And while we’re asleep we can sleep away opportunity after opportunity; chance after chance; windows open, windows closed; doors open, doors closed.  And if we’re not careful, we can look back in the rear view mirrors of our lives and think, “What did I do?  I missed it.  I was asleep.”

So the church should not be a place of slumber.  It should not be a place of comfort.  It should be a place of challenge, a place where we’re uncomfortable enough to get up and to get out there and to minister for Christ, to seize those opportunities for him.  So it’s time for us to wake up. And speaking of waking up, do you remember the story that Jesus told in Matthew 25 about the wedding?  People love weddings.  I mean, there are whole channels dedicated to weddings and Bride-zilla and all this crazy stuff.  And we love weddings, especially women.  Women freak over weddings.  Ladies, admit it.  It will be good.  Say, “I’m a lady and I’m addicted to weddings.”  Women love weddings.

Jesus told this story about the wedding and don’t you know that all of the women were just leaning in listening.  And he told this parable.  A parable is basically an illustration.  And before I tell you this let me give you the background of the ancient wedding. Back in the day the groom would come to the bride’s house for the ceremony. And after the ceremony they would have this processional all the way back to the groom’s house.

The Lord’s Prayer is Interesting by Pastor Ed Young

Pastor Ed Young

A lot of us guys keep score financially. “Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money.  “God, it’s your will and everything.  My marriage and my career and my recreational pursuits. But money? That’s mine, God.  This money is mine.”  God says, “Give it up.  Give it up.  It’s my will, son.  It’s not your will.  It’s mine.” And for many guys here, that’s the last piece of your heart to give up.  Give it to God and say, “God, not my will, but your will.” Prayer is not just asking for what I want. That’s part of it.  But true prayer is coming to a point where we want what God wants.  His desires are our desires.

“God, your will be done. I want ‘there’ to occur ‘here.’” Do you pray like that? Do you spend time in adoration?  Do you realize who it is you’re talking to?  Do you put God’s interest before your own? Or do you just say, “Oh God, help me, bless me, protect me. And also bless me, protect me, and me, me, me; I, I, I”? The Lord’s Prayer is interesting, because there are no singular pronouns.  You won’t find one.  How long should I pray?  People ask me, “Well, how long should I spend time in this prayer closet, in this place, in this location? How long?”

I answer by saying, “As long as it takes you to surrender your will to God’s will.  Sometimes that can be five minutes.  Other times it might be 45 minutes.”

In John 11, Jesus showed up late.  People were all in his face, “Jesus, why did you show up late?  Your close friend Lazarus is dead.  You could have saved him.  You could have healed him. Now he’s dead.  He’s dead!”